Dr. Weems can help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health through general dentistry. With J. Foster Weems, DDS, you can take care of your smile with simple checkups or more complex restorative treatments. Dr. Weems and our team are proud to serve our patients with general dentistry treatments, including TMJ treatments, tooth extractions, sleep apnea treatments or mouth guards.

When patients visit for appointments, our dentists, Dr. Weems, and our team are able to provide them with thorough cleanings and exams that will ensure that their oral health is optimal. Once we have completed our examination, we will recommend any treatments that are necessary to prevent damage or restore teeth. Some patients may find that they have conditions that require them to visit us more frequently in order for us to properly maintain their oral health. If you notice any type of dental damage or are experiencing dental pain, we encourage you to make an appointment with our office today!